About SPA

Curriculum Overview

Southpoint Academy offers a strong academic program providing education for the mind, body and spirit. The program is based on the Abeka curriculum. It is a challenging comprehensive program.

The school also provides an after-school and academic based summer program. Through hands on learning, students tackle a challenging academic curriculum in ways that are engaging, meaningful, adaptable to a variety of learning styles, and fun. Detailed descriptions of the curriculum are available upon request.


The Vision of Southpoint Academy is to educate and develop moral, ethical generations of young people equipping them with the character and skills to navigate successfully in life.


We are a partnership of home and school, working together for the purpose of preparing students spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally in order for them to successfully overcome the challenges of life.



Our Philosophy

Southpoint Academy shall provide each student the opportunity to study and develop his/her mind and body in a wholesome environment. It shall strive to provide the best education possible in preparation for all levels of education and to contribute to the establishment of ethical and moral values for a happy and creative life.

Being non-discriminatory in nature, we welcome all and shall teach that all truth is of divine origin. Knowledge to choose between right and wrong shall be imparted to each child.

Those serving the school in any capacity, whether in administration, on the faculty, on the staff, on the Board of Directors, or as a volunteer shall subscribe to the school’s philosophy of providing a high quality, character based education in a nurturing environment.

Employment Opportunities

Southpoint Academy seeks qualified teachers for vacancies as they occur. In addition to a BA/BS and teaching certification, a minimum of two years of relevant teaching experience is required. Email resume/cover letter to spa@ncrrbiz.com or fax to 919-405-2080.

Opportunity Scholarship Program

Southpoint Academy welcomes students who are recipients of the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program. The Opportunity Scholarship Act was passed by the General Assembly in July 2013 and will assist students in attending the school of their choice by awarding as much as $4,200 per student each year. The program will begin with the 2014-2015 school year. Eligibility requirements for the program are based on household income and student enrollment status.

Please contact SPA at 919-544-5652 or by email at spa@ncrrbiz.com for more information. If you have been awarded a scholarship and would like to tour the academy, please contact us.