Facts Tuition Management

Southpoint Academy uses the FACTS Tuition Management Company to collect tuition payments. In order to pay your child’s tuition please click on the following link: E-Cashier

FACTS Tuition Management is the largest service provider in the industry serving schools in all 50 states.  They have been in business since 1986 and specialize in working with schools like ours.  Their telephone number is 800-624-7092.

FACTS Management Company is committed to enhancing the financial stability and affordability of educational institutions. This goal is accomplished through various financial services including low-cost payment options for families and students and state-of-the-art information management technology. The partnership between the school and FACTS is developed via a collaborative team approach that results in the most beneficial program for the school.  Their unwavering pledge to superior customer service and support is the cornerstone of this partnership.

Tuition Registration Facts

New families must enroll in FACTS by click on the Facts link, then the e-Cashier link. FACTS payment information for RETURNING students will be updated by the academy office staff at the end of April. All monthly tuition will be processed by FACTS Tuition Management and families will need to choose between the following two options:

Option 1:

Families may choose to pay the entire yearly fee before the school year begins. This payment option allows you to make your payment to SPA and not to FACTS. There is a 5% discount for tuition if paid by the first Friday.

Option 2:

10, 11 or 12 monthly payments through FACTS. Tuition is drafted on the 5th of each month through FACTS automatic payment plan. The FACTS annual enrollment fee of $45.00 will be debited from your bank account upon enrollment with FACTS for new students and at the end of April for returning students.

Download Enrollment Application

Application Fee

The application fee of $50.00 is due upon application. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. It covers cost associated with processing the application and testing if necessary..

Registration Fee

$350.00 ($100.00 discount if paid by Friday, February 15, 2019) New Students: Application fee – $75; Registration fee – $350
The registration fee is due upon application. It is non-refundable. The registration fee provides for the staff, supplies, and equipment to maintain the school office that manages parent/student affairs, cumulative folders, and accounting records. This fee also includes our membership to the Association of Christian Schools International.

Student Resource Fee

$250.00 due by Friday, April 26, 2019. The Student Resource Fee covers the cost of student books and curriculum and classroom teaching supplements.


Academic School Year $6,000.00
One payment – paid in full (6% Tuition Discount due by Friday, 8/9/19) $5,640.00
12 Monthly Installment Plan begin in June and end in May $500.00
11 Monthly Installment Plan begin in July and end in May $545.45
10 Monthly Installment Plan begin in August and end in May $600.00

Tuition Discounts

Multiple Child Discount – 6% (1st Child will be at full price, all other siblings at 6% discount).
Payment in full Discount – 6% (One payment/pay in full discount – 6% if paid by August 9th).

After School Program

After School Program is available from 3:00 pm-5:30 pm each school day. The after school care fee is $50.00 per week or $10.00 per day. There is an additional charge of $1.00 per minute after 5:30pm.

Summer Day Program

Registration Fee is $75.00 before February 28, 2019, ($100.00 after 2/28/19. Non-refundable, due at time of registration). $225.00 Weekly fee for completed Kindergarten through Grade 6. Time: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Includes weekly field trips, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Southpoint families ask about discount.

Enrichment Program

(Entering Kindergarten – $250.00 per week). ***Prospective Southpoint Academy students will receive a $25.00 per week credit to be applied to school year fee if the child attends a minimum of eight weeks and successfully completes the entrance assessment.

Download Tuition & Financial Information 2020-2021

Student Dress Code

These are the basic guidelines for the dress code. All students must be in dress code on the first day of class. The only exception will be new students who enroll within one week before classes begin or who enroll after classes have begun. New students will have one week to be in compliance with the dress code. Clothing can be purchased from any department store of your choice. The dress code item selections are as follows:


Blouses – Polo or oxford, solid white (Must have a collar).
Skirts – Navy, (Khaki material)
Dockers style slacks – Navy


Oxford or Polo styled shirts – White
Dockers style slacks – Navy

Girls and Boys:

Belt – Belts are required for any slacks that have belt loops.
Shoes – Shoes of your choice (no flip flops, clogs or mules).