“My two children attend Southpoint Academy. My son is currently in the fourth grade, and my daughter is in first grade. My son has been enrolled at Southpoint since the first grade. My husband and I have been very happy with both the quality of education our children have received and the supportive environment that the school fosters.

My son is academically gifted, and the individual attention he has received at Southpoint has been extremely important to his academic, emotional and spiritual growth. He would have been very bored in a public school setting. At Southpoint Academy, the teachers have worked with him and allowed him to pursue his intellectual interests whenever feasible to keep him engaged in the classroom. They are also interested in him as a person, and encourage him in his extracurricular activities. The staff at Southpoint Academy cares about the whole child, not just his/her academic progress.

My daughter was very shy with people outside of our family when she started kindergarten at Southpoint Academy. The school has helped her build her confidence to such a degree that she is now very comfortable in a variety of social and academic settings. In addition to becoming quite outgoing, she also has grown a lot intellectually and spiritually due to the curriculum and care she has received at the school.

We initially enrolled our son at Southpoint Academy four years ago because our house was on the market (we lived in south Durham at the time), and we were not happy with the school system in Durham and needed a school for him until we moved into a new system. We were so pleased that, even though we now live 30 miles away and are in what many would consider to be a “better” school system, we kept him enrolled and then enrolled our daughter when she reached school age.

As an educator and a former public school teacher, allow me to wholeheartedly encourage you to enroll your child in Southpoint Academy. The teachers and the principal are excellent at what they do, and your child will thrive in this type of school environment.”
A. Kohl, Ed.D.